SSC Space US, Inc. provides space operations and ground network services.

SSC Space US, Inc.

Founded as Universal Space Network (USN) by aerospace pioneer Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr., the company reflects his leadership, innovative spirit and dedication to excellence. SSC Space US, Inc. is the model for progressive engineered solutions — with a successful track record to back it up.

SSC Space US, Inc. is led by a handpicked team of the aerospace industry’s top minds. Our staff and management bring a level of excitement, intensity and professionalism to every project. And because of our unique structure, we are able to move fast, cut costs and still provide best-in-class, mission-critical services and solutions.

Locations: Horsham, PA, USA and Chantilly, VA, USA
CEO: Anita Primo

SSC Space US, Inc. is part of the Satellite Management
Services Division, which provides a complete range of ground segment services.

Satellite Management Services portfolio