SSC SPACE CANADA is responsible for the Inuvik Satellite Station.

SSC Space Canada

SSC Space Canada has primary responsibility for SSC’s Inuvik Satellite Station in Northern Canada.

The company is based in the Northwest Territories, Canada, with local management to ensure that SSC Space Canada meets all Canadian legal and regulatory requirements for space operations. Antennas and equipment installed by SSC at the Inuvik Satellite Station are fully remotely controlled and operated from SSC’s Network Management Center in Kiruna, Sweden as a part of SSC Universal Space Network (former PrioraNet), our global network of satellite stations.

At the present time, the Inuvik Satellite Station provides Ground Network Services for both Canadian and global space agencies and corporations. Future expansion plans include the addition of satellite ground station capacity and expansion of services provided to the Canadian space industry.

SSC Space Canada is part of SSC's Satellite Management
Services Division, which provides a complete range of ground segment services.

Satellite Management Services portfolio