Modernization of Esrange

The ongoing modernization of Esrange will add new capabilities that strengthen its position as a leading Center of Excellence for rocket and balloon launch services and satellite communication, both now and in the future.

The Esrange modernization project includes new, well-equipped laboratories, improved payload preparation premises and new types of rocket launchers. There are also plans for new or upgraded technology and research platforms such as communication systems, guidance systems for sounding rockets and balloons, large volume balloons and ground-based instrumentation as well as unmanned aircraft systems for scientific research.

The modernization program will enable SSC to offer improved combinations of measurements from ground-based instruments, sounding rockets, balloons and satellites. We will also improve our services for balloon-borne technical tests, allowing drop-tested re-entry or landing vehicles to return safely to Esrange’s land-based impact area.

Moreover, the increased number of rocket launchers will enable us to launch multiple sounding rockets simultaneously to perform coordinated scientific measurements.

The images are concept images, showing how buildings at the new Esrange could look.

Modernization of Esrange