ECAPS, founded in 2000, is an innovative company with focus on Green Propulsion based products for space applications. ECAPS innovations will enable simplified access to space for satellite and launcher systems. ECAPS holds a number of patents worldwide for a family of ADN (Ammonium DiNitramide) based propellants, catalyst, thruster design and manufacturing methods.

The key resource of ECAPS is our highly skilled engineers and researchers with a proven track record to develop, manufacture and deliver propulsion components and systems. ECAPS has its development and hardware manufacturing facilities in Solna in the greater Stockholm area. The propellant is manufactured at EURENCO Bofors in Karlskoga and ECAPS hot firing test facility used for rocket engine development is located at the Swedish Defence Research Agency's (FOI) premises in Tumba just south of Stockholm.

ECAPS Flight Proven

Download ECAPS Brochure "Flight-proven"