Subsystems & Services

SSC has developed different subsystems for sounding rocket missions that are used in the present programs and missions.

These subsystems are also available on commercial basis for the customers to be used in their missions. This also includes all types of support services that are needed in sounding rocket missions, such as mission analysis, project management, testing and verification, launching and operation of sounding rockets.

Some of the main subsystems that are available:  

Service module including recovery system for microgravity rockets

The service module is used for communication between the payload and ground during flight. The module is also controlling the attitude and movement of the payload during flight to maintain low gravity levels during flight. The recovery system makes it possible to recover the payload safely with a parachute.

GSE Software

SSC has developed a ground support software (called RAMSES) for rocket and satellite systems that can be used for operating and controlling the experiments on the sounding rockets during tests and flight.

Subsystems & Services

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