Rocket missions

SSC is providing its customer with suborbital sounding rocket programmes and single launches including microgravity research rockets, educational rockets, scientific sounding rockets and technology test rockets.

Rocket programmes

The programmes offer frequent flight opportunities for the scientific and educational communities and industrial users.


The vehicles reach an altitude of 70 – 800 km and the payloads land and are recovered on ground within 0.5-1 hour after launch. The vehicles, being missions of e.g. the Swedish national space program or as part of the microgravity research program of ESA, are launched from the Esrange Space Center above the polar circle, benefiting from an impact area over land of 5200 square kilometres. The Space Center is frequently used for rocket launches by external organisations.

Customised missions

In addition to the current programmes, SSC designs and launches customised sounding rocket missions on demand for all type of users.

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Rocket missions

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