We make your space programs more prosperous

Every space project is unique. This is what is so challenging and inspiring in this business. For us at SSC, it is a driving force – we enjoy working out the best possible solution in close cooperation with our customers and going that extra mile to exceed expectations.

The activities of the SSC Group cover many business areas and are built on decades of experience. We offer proven expertise in the development of satellite subsystems as well as in satellite communication and operations. We develop rocket systems and experiment payloads, and we launch sounding rockets and high-altitude balloons.

Moreover, we perform flight tests of air and space vehicles.

Whatever your requirements

Flexibility is one of our overall strengths and an advantage of having a compact and agile organization. We take pride in working out the very best solution for each customer, be it communication support at satellite launches or special microsystems for a satellite. For research on sounding rockets, we often take part all the way, from the development of novel experiment modules and service systems to launch and recovery. For you as a customer, being able to turn to a single partner provides clear practical and financial benefits.

Invention and interaction

SSC is well known for developing cost-efficient technical solutions that facilitate our customers' work. We are happy to provide exactly what a customer asks for, but it lies in our nature always to look a bit further – to present ideas and technologies that could bring new possibilities into each project. We really enjoy this interaction with our customers.